welcome to more to be revealed (mtbr) with yours truly, awesomekulky!

to be alive is to see, hear, and feel by opening up and leaning in to the unknown.  

together, may we sit with uncertainty and give ourselves permission to be afraid as we navigate the realities of life and the depths the psyche.  

come along with me on the journey ahead.

***disclaimer: this plogcast (blog + podcast) is not intended for providing therapy or consultation. i am not a licensed practitioner of psychology.  i am merely applying my understanding of psychology to my own life as it unfolds.***




…more to be revealed…(mtbr) is a brand new venture taken on by a 30-something queer woman of color who was used to dulling her shine and playing small with herself so that others would feel more comfortable and less threatened.  after years of professional training in the field of psychology and supplemental personal exploration, she is finally ready to fully launch herself into this online world of blogging and podcasting as a way to document and voice her creative story of shared humanity.  

mtbr is a grand invitation for the brave of us to venture into the unknown.  it’s an opportunity to be with ourselves and each other in the midst of life’s uncertainties.  it’s not easy to tolerate ambiguity, lean in to discomfort or approach our fears.  we, as humans, each have the basic need for certainty, and beneath that lies our deep seeded need for love and belonging, but really our innate need to feel safe.  

the purpose of mtbr is about how to cultivate the courage and resiliency that’s already within us to take risks towards vulnerability and connection.  it’s learning how to let go of unnecessary suffering, to forgive ourselves for our past transgressions, to unapologetically love ourselves for who we already are, to have faith in our goodness and our potential, to wholeheartedly trust our intuitive wisdom, and to believe in the process of healing and transformative growth.  it’s about accepting and changing ourselves so that we can accept and change the world.  

come along with awesomekulky to boldly take on life’s mysteries, challenges, complexities and absurdities.  with an open mind and curious heart, together may we find the joy, humor, and silver linings of our shared, common humanity to help each other sustain a meaningful and worthwhile life. let us journey together into the unknown and see how life unfolds.  



this page archives posts and episodes that are written and recorded as my life is experienced and my story unfolds.


a very transparent introduction

Hello and welcome to “More To Be Revealed” (mtbr) with your host, awesomekulky! This is the introduction post of the mtbr blog and podcast (plogcast).  mtbr is a brand new venture taken on by me, a 30-something, queer woman of color who was used to dulling her shine and playing small with herself so that others would feel more comfortable and less threatened.  

Listen in and read more by clicking the title of this link to learn about the three qualifications that makes me unique to the plogcast world, including my overall intentions and clarifying any expectations about this exciting and terrifying venture.

Explore the unknown with a curious heart and a funny bone on moretoberevealed.org.

Oh Hai, LTNH

On tonight’s episode, “Oh Hai, LTNH,” I share some memorable experiences throughout my recent life story, and I discuss what’s been keepin’ me so damn busy for the past 8 weeks.  I go ham on the process of podcasting (yes, I get meta af), and I openly collaborate on how I can better go about it. 

I reveal some of the complexities of my brain functioning and make note of the strengths and challenges that have an impact on my health and wellbeing.  I get a bit more intimate when I freely associate about my childhood experiences with regard to my sense of self and how I cope with reality (aka, I get real). 

I relate that to my experiences now serving as a clinician who works with the traumas of my clients, and I give life to some of my future career goals.  I bring you into my world of drag and I share the evolution of Madame Kiki coming into existence.  

I model how I work through brain challenges while recording this podcast. I also leave in some natural podcast enhancing “pop” noises with my tongue, as is common in drag culture.

Can’t Slow Down Just Yet

Well, Madame Kiki is officially out in the world.  She’s got her own Instagram and gmail account, and now she’s getting herself filmed for gigs (e.g., Nerd Nite, Halloweenapalooza) to add to her portfolio.  There’s so much ahead for Madame Kiki (e.g., photo shoots, documentary, music video, talent show).  There’s also a few more opportunities ahead like my improv showcase is in a few weeks, and I’ll be co-hosting the 30s themed New Year’s Eve party with Boldy Locks.  I may or may not go home to Cali for Thanksgiving, or maybe just Chicago.  I gotta make those plans soon.  Good thing I’ve got some Type A tendencies to pull me through the depression and anxiety.

I’ve also got a shit ton of adulting to do, like follow up on medical insurance stuff and figure out some finances because of all the money I’ve spent these last few months.  I haven’t cleaned my apartment in a hot minute, need to do laundry and get groceries and toiletrees.  I’m really far behind on reading this book for work, and I am no where near touching my gd licensing exam.  I’m having a fucking blast doing it all because I’ve got the support system and fan base to inspire and motivate me to keep thriving and shinning.  

Read all about what happened the week of 10/23 – 10/29 on #mtbr

Let’s see what’s yet to come on moretoberevealed.org. 
Until then, continue exploring the unknown with a curious heart and a funny bone.