a very transparent introduction

this is the introduction post of the “more to be revealed” (mtbr) blog and podcast (plogcast).  mtbr is a brand new venture taken on by me, a 30-something, queer woman of color who was used to dulling her shine and playing small with herself so that others would feel more comfortable and less threatened.  after years of professional training in the field of psychology and supplemental personal exploration, i am finally ready to fully launch myself into this online world of plogcasting as a way to document and voice my creative story of shared humanity.

i believe i have three qualities that make me distinct and establishes my credibility to start and maintain this plogcast.

first, i have extensive knowledge, training, and experience in the field of psychology as an unlicensed psychologist.  i’m also a huge nerd when it comes to anything about psychology, humanity, philosophy, history, culture, and the like.  so this enhances my ability to apply these concepts to my life as it unfolds, plus it’s fun as hell to keep learning and to share that knowledge with the world.

second, i have a knack for story-telling, even though i can be tangential at times, but who isn’t! that’s the brain doin’ it’s brain thing.  i’ve received feedback from familiar and unfamiliar people in my life that i should have my own radio talk show because they have noted my conversational style that is dynamic, engaging, informative, entertaining and captivating.  i tell it like it is by keepin’ it real and bein’ my true self.  who doesn’t wanna hear that?

third, i have this uncanny ability to access a depth of my own psyche and humanity, and i can tap into the courage to talk about my vulnerabilities, fears, insecurities, anxieties and other complexities.  i believe it is important for me to talk about how i work with my imperfections and how i can ground and anchor myself to my natural resilient spirit to get me through any unknown.

so by being an unlicensed psychologist and captivating storyteller, i feel more comfortable applying all of these unique qualities into the unknown of my own life.  each of the qualities make me someone who is unique to this world of plogcasting, so why not document it for others to experience and connect with as well.

so, who really knows where this is gonna go, i’m really doing it as a hobby right now and seeing if this could be something i can eventually invest into for my livelihood.  i’m also doing this to process my struggles and challenges as well as give credit to my successes and resilient spirit as a way of modeling what it’s like to be a human person in today’s day and age.

so if you believe this could be your cup of tea, or even if it isn’t and you wanna experiment with what this plogcast has to offer you, then i embolden you to come along with me to find the joy, humor, and silver linings of life’s mysteries, challenges, complexities and absurdities.

together, may we help each other sustain a meaningful and worthwhile life with our shared, common humanity, and may we learn to accept ourselves and each other so that we can change the ourselves and the world.

let’s journey together into the unknown with a curious heart and a funny bone and see how life unfolds. 

I want to hear from you too! Drop me a line on snapchat or twitter, or leave a comment on my blog.  I thank you for subscribing, rating, and reviewing my mtbr podcast.  I very much appreciate your show of support and, more importantly, I look forward to connecting with you.

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*Disclaimer* The blog/podcast “more to be revealed” is not intended for professional therapy or consultation.  Please feel free to submit a note below and we can help locate appropriate resources in your area to best meet your needs. Thank you for your understanding.

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