Sunday on the Patio – Ch. 2

Welcome home, fam!  Grab yourself a comfortable seat and get cozy for an hour or so.  Listen in as awesomekulky vocalizes her stream of consciousness amidst the natural distractions of life on one Sunday evening on her patio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Follow along as she describes her philosophy about life, her understanding of the human brain, her experiences with human attachment and group dynamics, and her approach towards the unknown.  Giggle as she befriends a fly who pays her a visit, and watch her snapchat the here-and-now by checking out this episode’s blog post available on her website –>  Hear as she reveals her experiences growing up as the oldest sister, and shares a recent epiphany that illuminated the origins of an important relational dynamic with the help of group therapy.

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“Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean I have to murder it.” “I think I’m a rainbow, but I’m really just black smog.” “I blamed you for something that wasn’t your fault, and I’m sorry for that.” “We’re making an effort that’s equal and it’s because we value the relationship more than we do our ego.”

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