A Therapist’s Sunday

Venture along with me on this (past) muggy Sunday afternoon where I freely associate about my life as a therapist and the interesting experiences of “terminating” or ending treatment with my clients.  I share my story using a common treatment technique that I created for my clients to better understand why we, as humans, sometimes spiral into a mental rabbit hole.  I describe my experiences about how I’ve been able to re-approach life with curiosity and compassion, and to intentionally focus on my strengths, skillsets, and values to live a worthwhile life.

It’s been a few weeks since I launched my podcast, and I’ve already learned so much thanks to trial-and-error and to the feedback of supportive friends and family.  This past week was particularly interesting with some ups and downs.  I wrote all about it on my blog post “Freaking Out Now,” which speaks to my fears about podcasting and my anxieties about life after my post-doc fellowship that ends this upcoming Friday.

While there are many changes that lie ahead for me, I am comforted by my efforts to develop a greater capacity to hold my self and this unknown with curiosity and compassion.

I am enough.

I am worthy.

I will be ok.

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