Oppressive Impressions

“Fasten your seat belts.  It’s going to be a bumpy night.” – Bette Davis

Welcome back to “More To Be Revealed” (mtbr) Podcast with your host awesomekulky!

Tonight’s sassily recorded episode, “Oppressive Impressions,” reveals the macro and micro truths about my intersecting socio-cultural identities and how I’m reclaiming my life as a fat, Asian Indian, queer and tattooed femme who struggles with mental illness as a clinical psychologist in today’s day and age.

Listen as I reflect on professionalism as oppression and the ethical grey area about using snapchat as professional self-care.  Follow along as my brain works through tangential distractions, and feel the power of my convictions and emotions while exploring complex psychological concepts.  Wonder as I share my understanding of the ego and the higher self, the historical archetypes and characters that reside in the collective unconscious, the stigmatized and privileged identities as it relates to personal expression in today’s world, and the certainty gained from expected narration and consistent storytelling.

Stay tuned to see how I continue working through my current dilemma of maintaining the mtbr plogcast (podcast + blog) while working as a soon-to-be licensed professional.  Read my blog post titled “The End is New” to get a full synopsis of what transpired last week.

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