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Today it’s all about Vegans.  My lovely Quangel (Queer-Angel) Belcher watched a documentary on Netflix and won’t stop bothering me about it.  So, what better way to shut ’em up than to put ’em on the show! ;p (luv u)

Listen in as I interview my very first guest on mtbr.  Quangel shares their newfound journey of going cold-turkey vegan (no pun intended).  From this documentary, “What the Health,” we touch on topics of animal cruelty, the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, and the impact of consuming animal products on our physical and mental health.

We explore mixed messages of America’s obsession with staying fit and eating healthy within a socio-political system designed to keep us sick and dependent on medication, fad diets, and cross-fit.  Basically, the government, media, and major corporations invest in maintaining the status quo because they profit from the mess.  We go back to the origins of processed foods, mention the addictive properties of such food options, and keep it real about conditioned indoctrination on healthcare.

We discuss the horrifying impact of the location of animal industries and the lack of access to grocery stores in American communities of color.  We also talk about the general perception of and reactions to vegans among non-vegan people, particularly within the context of American culture that celebrates eating meat and conditioning of masculinity as meat eaters for establishing a form of dominance.  We illuminate the truth about the myths of milk, protein, cooking oil, and vegans themselves.

We discuss how veganism is a value-laden and privileged lifestyle, and how educating the public about these realities may take having an authentic conversation about what matters to them regarding the lifestyle choices they make rather than cast judgment on their identity or character.  We even bring psychological concepts to awareness including the common experience of cognitive dissonance when values and behaviors are incongruent, and the collective defense mechanism of projection that can interfere with an open dialogue about this topic.

Veganism is a movement, a counter-culture that goes against what we all know and are familiar or comfortable with.  It is meant to shake up the status quo for animals, the planet, and the people.  It doesn’t take a lot of discipline to go vegan, it just takes a bit of perspective.  Awareness, knowledge, and access are all things that will help us stay informed about the choices we make and about how we choose to relate to others with different opinions or lifestyles, even if we disagree.

Quangel ends this episode with some powerful messages: 1) we can continue this ripple effect by having an open heart and an open mind, 2) to be human is to be a hypocrite because a common struggle is how we align our lifestyles with our values, and 3) become more informed by checking out the resources below.


Click on the image for the link.


Click on the image for the link.

Quangel is also a cat-lover and has seen the Netflix documentary “Pet Fooled,” which is about what we feed to our pets, so stay tuned for another podcast episode on that!

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