She’s Back and Blasé’d

Welcome back to More To Be Revealed with your host, awesomekulky!  It’s been a long mf time since I posted an episode.  That’s mainly because my podcast equipment malfunctioned and I needed to spend a couple week’s Lyfting in order to afford a new microphone.  Also, there’s been a lot going on recently and it’s taken more energy from me than I had available for podcasting.  So, this episode is longer than an hour to make up for weeks of radio silence.

Tonight’s episode is called “She’s Back and Blasé’d.”  If you’re clever, you’ll note the pun.  I recorded this episode the night of my improv show, and mind you, I was in.. shall we say.. an “interesting” state of mind with a “colorful” attitude.  I imperfectly cover themes about what’s currently happening in my life, particularly with improv, online dating, my drag persona, among other things.  I get pretty deep, actually.  Like, intense.  Mainly about existence and psychological concepts, and I throw in a little vulnerability about some deeply painful experiences.  It gets weirder when I talk to aliens playing humanity as a sims game.  I also share some light hearted stories and memories, too.  So it’s a nice integration of what life and humanity is.

If you’d like to get a full synopsis of what’s been going on in my life (trust me, it’s a lot of interesting shit), read my blog on for plenty of juicy details and snapchat videos to enliven the experience.  Specifically, check out the blog posts titled, “Well, Hot Damn!“, “Shut Up & Listen“, “Roots Don’t Fear Wind“, and “Curious Expectations.”  It’s quite a story line, so I suggest reading them in the order they appear.

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