Oh Hai, LTNH

Oh Hai, long time no hear (LTNH)!  My bad, life got a hold of me for a few weeks now.  True, it’s been 8 weeks that I published an episode (holy shit, really??), but there was a lotta shit goin’ on that demanded my attention!  #SorryNotSorry

But no really, I am sorry.. bc I know consistency is appreciated in life.  It’s a value I aspire to, certainly.  It’s just that my brain can simply not sustain it.  Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It just means I gotta work with what I got, and it takes a lotta work for me to deliver and follow through on my “promises.”

Here’s a brief synopsis, ya know, for when you don’t wanna listen to the whole thing:

I share some memorable experiences throughout my recent life story, and I discuss what’s been keepin’ me so damn busy for the past 8 weeks.

I go ham on the process of podcasting (yes, I get meta af), and I openly collaborate on how I can better go about it.

I reveal some of the complexities of my brain functioning and make note of the strengths and challenges that have an impact on my health and wellbeing.

I get a bit more intimate when I freely associate about my childhood experiences with regard to my sense of self and how I cope with reality (aka, I get real).

I relate that to my experiences now serving as a clinician who works with the traumas of my clients, and I give life to some of my future career goals.

I bring you into my world of drag and I share the evolution of Madame Kiki coming into existence (IG: mx.madamekiki).

I model how I work through brain challenges while recording this podcast.

I also leave in some natural podcast enhancing “pop” noises with my tongue, as is common in drag culture.

I’m very grateful for still having the interest in my endeavors that still give me pleasure.  I’ve always wanted to create and live out an interesting life.  Thank god for my curiosity, ambition, and impulse.  I wanna finally use my power and my light in a fabulously grand way for me to leave a legacy that has a good impact on others.

If you’d like to see some visuals of my story and experiences mentioned in tonight’s podcast episode, please visit my blog on moretoberevealed.org and click the “Story” tab.  Also, I’m legit like a full 3 weeks behind updating my blog posts, so might as well enjoy the gifs, memes, and snapchat videos from what’s already there.

This next part is what I needed to tell myself after a full 2 months of living my best life and the past 3 weeks of being sick. 

I give myself permission to be depressed and anxious because I’m still worthy of love and belonging.

I give myself permission to not entertain others because I’m still accepted and supported.

I give myself permission to say no to social obligations because I’m still invited and understood.

I give myself permission to unplug and press reset because I still have the power to protect my time and energy.

May I continue learning how to balance and meet my own needs, and may I continue holding myself with curiosity, kindness, and compassion.

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