Oh Hai, LTNH

On tonight’s episode, “Oh Hai, LTNH,” I share some memorable experiences throughout my recent life story, and I discuss what’s been keepin’ me so damn busy for the past 8 weeks.  I go ham on the process of podcasting (yes, I get meta af), and I openly collaborate on how I can better go about it. 

I reveal some of the complexities of my brain functioning and make note of the strengths and challenges that have an impact on my health and wellbeing.  I get a bit more intimate when I freely associate about my childhood experiences with regard to my sense of self and how I cope with reality (aka, I get real). 

I relate that to my experiences now serving as a clinician who works with the traumas of my clients, and I give life to some of my future career goals.  I bring you into my world of drag and I share the evolution of Madame Kiki coming into existence.  

I model how I work through brain challenges while recording this podcast. I also leave in some natural podcast enhancing “pop” noises with my tongue, as is common in drag culture.

Can’t Slow Down Just Yet

Well, Madame Kiki is officially out in the world.  She’s got her own Instagram and gmail account, and now she’s getting herself filmed for gigs (e.g., Nerd Nite, Halloweenapalooza) to add to her portfolio.  There’s so much ahead for Madame Kiki (e.g., photo shoots, documentary, music video, talent show).  There’s also a few more opportunities ahead like my improv showcase is in a few weeks, and I’ll be co-hosting the 30s themed New Year’s Eve party with Boldy Locks.  I may or may not go home to Cali for Thanksgiving, or maybe just Chicago.  I gotta make those plans soon.  Good thing I’ve got some Type A tendencies to pull me through the depression and anxiety.

I’ve also got a shit ton of adulting to do, like follow up on medical insurance stuff and figure out some finances because of all the money I’ve spent these last few months.  I haven’t cleaned my apartment in a hot minute, need to do laundry and get groceries and toiletrees.  I’m really far behind on reading this book for work, and I am no where near touching my gd licensing exam.  I’m having a fucking blast doing it all because I’ve got the support system and fan base to inspire and motivate me to keep thriving and shinning.  

Read all about what happened the week of 10/23 – 10/29 on #mtbr

Let’s see what’s yet to come on moretoberevealed.org. 
Until then, continue exploring the unknown with a curious heart and a funny bone.

Madame Kiki’s Debut

Holy fucken shit, what a week!!! (10/16-10/22)  Madame Kiki had a 3-day debut, which was so well-received!!  I didn’t expect it, honestly.  But it felt so good to be welcomed and embraced into the community and to feel the support and encouragement from my new tribe of friends here.  While it may take my brain to catch up to what I’m doing, I’m centering myself on trying to maintain a sense of hopefulness, curiosity, and compassion as I courageously step into my light and power and into the unknown. This week I learned that I’m not a bio-queen or a faux-queen, I’m a femme queen, and there is a difference.  Now, for some much needed rest before next weekend’s two events in drag.  It is halloween weekend after all!  Maybe I’ll even take drag out to make $$ lyfting.  mtbr…

MTBR: Past Due

Yikes, I’m so far behind on posting this blog that I can’t entirely remember what transpired. Thank goodness for these snapchat videos! They’re like a documentary that refreshes my memory and takes me back into the lived moment. Anyway, I’m gearing up for some big events next week, so this week was all about preparation and making decisions that some might disapprove of. Essentially, I’m learning how to effectively assert my needs and establish healthy boundaries without taking responsibility for how others perceive or react. This is huge progress and it feels really good!


I’m afraid of being vulnerable and putting my voice out there only to get dismissed or ignored.  I’m burning out from the busy-ness and I’m losing my grip of keeping things together.  I need a moment to pause right at the time when I need to keep going.  It’s tortuous sometimes.  For the past few months, I’ve been intentionally leaning into the discomfort of the unknown, both in life and in my own psyche, and it’s opened the door to a variety of growth-promoting experiences that I truly am thankful for.

She’s Back and Blasé’d

Tonight’s episode is called “She’s Back and Blasé’d.”  If you’re clever, you’ll note the pun.  I recorded this episode the night of my improv show, and mind you, I was in.. shall we say.. an “interesting” state of mind with a “colorful” attitude.  I imperfectly cover themes about what’s currently happening in my life, particularly with improv, online dating, my drag persona, among other things.  I get pretty deep, actually.  Like, intense.  Mainly about existence and psychological concepts, and I throw in a little vulnerability about some deeply painful experiences.  It gets weirder when I talk to aliens playing humanity as a sims game.  I also share some light hearted stories and memories, too.  So it’s a nice integration of what life and humanity is.  

If you’d like to get a full synopsis of what’s been going on in my life (trust me, it’s a lot of interesting shit), read my blog on moretoberevealed.org for plenty of juicy details and snapchat videos to enliven the experience.  Specifically, check out the blog posts titled, “Well, Hot Damn!”, “Shut Up & Listen”, “Roots Don’t Fear Wind”, and “Curious Expectations.”  It’s quite a story line, so I suggest reading them in the order they appear.  

Curious Expectations

Good golly Miss Molly.  What an endurance test these past few months, hell- years!, have been.  I’m learning so much, mainly about my attachment style, my emotions, my thoughts, my behavioral patterns, and my interactions with others.  It’s been a whirlwind, honestly.  I feel challenged and supported enough to continue moving through the motions of life, and I’m holding the space with more curiosity and compassion than I ever have before.  I think it’s because I’m giving myself this outlet as a platform for speaking out about common human issues in today’s day and age.  I’m giving myself permission to experience whatever it is without judgment, expectation, or comparison.  I’m allowing myself to be more than a clinician or a marginalized individual, and it feels so fucking empowering to finally experience that liberation.