…more to be revealed…(mtbr) is a brand new venture taken on by a 30-something queer woman of color who was used to dulling her shine and playing small with herself so that others would feel more comfortable and less threatened.  after years of professional training in the field of psychology and supplemental personal exploration, she is finally ready to fully launch herself into this online world of blogging and podcasting as a way to document and voice her creative story of shared humanity.  

mtbr is a grand invitation for the brave of us to venture into the unknown.  it’s an opportunity to be with ourselves and each other in the midst of life’s uncertainties.  it’s not easy to tolerate ambiguity, lean in to discomfort or approach our fears.  we, as humans, each have the basic need for certainty, and beneath that lies our deep seeded need for love and belonging, but really our innate need to feel safe.  

the purpose of mtbr is about how to cultivate the courage and resiliency that’s already within us to take risks towards vulnerability and connection.  it’s learning how to let go of unnecessary suffering, to forgive ourselves for our past transgressions, to unapologetically love ourselves for who we already are, to have faith in our goodness and our potential, to wholeheartedly trust our intuitive wisdom, and to believe in the process of healing and transformative growth.  it’s about accepting and changing ourselves so that we can accept and change the world.  

come along with awesomekulky to boldly take on life’s mysteries, challenges, complexities and absurdities.  with an open mind and curious heart, together may we find the joy, humor, and silver linings of our shared, common humanity to help each other sustain a meaningful and worthwhile life. let us journey together into the unknown and see how life unfolds.